Using Design Services in your Business

I get asked all the time by builders, what will make my house stand out from the rest?

As an interior designer with many years in the business, my answer is: “Quality and Design” We all have budgets to work within to get the house built and turn a profit.  We all pick and choose what goes into the quality of the construction in what we build.  The finishing touches show the most; including the Flooring, Windows and Doors, the Wall color, Trim, Bath Fixtures and the Cabinetry.  All are important aspects of design. You want the interior to be a reflection of the exterior. You want to spend enough to get the job done, but you also want a home that will last.

As an Interior Designer, I can help you pull all of this together.  Every design must meet 3 criteria: Function, Aesthetics and Budget.

To start we can work on the plan.  Does the kitchen make sense? Is there a good flow within the work triangle?  Is there a prep area? Enough counter top close by the range to use a cutting board or mixing bowl while stirring your pot. Does the clean up area make sense? I like to look at the traffic pattern from the most used dining table to the sink.  Is the dishwasher in the way? I like to see a traffic pattern of Dirty dishes set down, passed through the sink then loaded in the dishwasher. Are your cabinets useful, can you reach what you need in the work area?  Pull out trays are helpful to quickly get what you need from the bottom shelf. Soft close dovetail drawers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen project.

Then we have “The Look” of the kitchen cabinets.  Door styles and Cabinet finishes should complement the rest of the interior and exterior finishes. Painted cabinetry is big business today compared to 10 years ago.  Simple Door styles are trending today.  Granite or Quartz counter tops are the first choice of homeowners with backsplashes to give that pop of color and design element to the project.

Cabinets come in a variety of qualities that will fit any budget. It’s all up to you. Computer aided drawing (CAD) can give you an idea of what the design will look like before you purchase.

As a home builder, your name and reputation is very important to generate referrals and repeat business. If you are able to give more options in these areas you will have a “Happy Homeowner” in the long run.

Our next generation of homebuyers is more sophisticated.  They are tech savvy, with more access to the internet and being able quickly to shop for their needs. They are more educated and informed of the building process.

Using design services to pull your project together to work with your homebuyer is a smart way to manage your time and get the result your buyer wants.  Do you speak cabinetry? Can you take the time to explain options so that the client will understand their choices? Can you give them the best design and layout for their money?

A designer can save you time and money overall by guiding your client through the design process, helping you keep the project on time and within budget.